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The purpose of Rainforest Holdings is to provide detailed information after ample research, to all clients on an individual basis, ensuring transparency and a seamless transaction. Our services team consists of professional chartered accountants, tax experts with RBI experience and a Legal team specializing in property matters.

We offer an assortment of services for all buyers, including NRI’s, PIO’s and OCI’s.
These include: Financial Advisory Services, Legal Matters, Investment Protocol and RBI Regulations along with a complete set of documents and corresponding legal reports.

We will provide an allotment letter upon booking which will state the following:

  • Price fixed at upon booking, that will stay the same till delivery
  • Layout and villa floor plans
  • Delivery date

Alongside this, a sale agreement and construction agreement will also be entered into and upon completion, an occupancy certificate will be issued. We also undertake maintenance of property as per agreements set out.