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Why Choose A Furnished Apartment/ Villa / Vacation rental?

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Why Choose A Furnished Apartment / Villa? If you are traveling to a city for an extended period of time, you would much prefer staying in a furnished apartment / villa instead of a hotel. The number one reason being the space you are going to get followed closely by the cost factor.Furnished apartments / villa are a great alternative to conventional hotels. They provide all the basic amenities that you would find in an average home such as furnished living and dining rooms, bedrooms, usually more than one bathroom and fully equipped kitchens fitted out with major appliances. Many providers have housekeeping services, cable TV, Internet and local telephone calls all included in the price. Some also provide parking for one or more cars while some others are even pet friendly.

The trend of using serviced apartments / villa as your accommodation choice is highly popular and one which is bound to stay. What’s not to love about having more living space, a fully equipped kitchen for your daily meals, generous living and dining areas and luxurious bed and bathrooms. Travelling abroad on extended business or simply taking the entire family for a vacation or even just needing temporary furnished housing just got a whole lot better and easier.

Why Choose Rainforest Property Management and Consultants? At Rainforest Property management and consultants, we pride ourselves in having the best selection of short and long-term furnished apartments / villa. Whether you are looking for corporate housing, extended stay suites or furnished condos, our team will be able to source out comfortable, affordable and spacious alternatives to the conventional hotels.

The needs of our clients are ever changing from business travelers to employee relocations to migrating families. We can also help with unfortunate calamities such as house fires, floods, smoke damage, etc. by providing temporary housing solutions.

We follow a fast and simple process: Search, Sort, Select,

1. Search – Send us your furnished apartments / villa request online or by phone.
2. Sort – Compare the features and prices of apartments / villa we send out to you.
3. Select – Confirm the apartment / Villa you want.

The best part is, our service is FREE and always will be.

Who Are Our Clients? We cater to all types of clients requiring furnished serviced accommodation, anywhere from a week to even a year or more. If you fall into any of these categories below, and you require furnished serviced accommodation for your stay, please feel free to try us out and you won’t be disappointed with our service.

Business travelers
Temporary assignment employees
Relocation professionals

Furnished Apartment / Villa Advantages

There are various buzz words in the global lodging industry when it comes to accommodation, the most popular these days being serviced apartments / villa and extended stay hotels or suites. But what do these mean and how different are they when compared with conventional hotels. We have done the ground work below to help you get a leg up in your search for the right kind of accommodation best suited to your needs.


Have a question, or don’t know where to start? Just browse through our list of frequently asked questions where you can find information on how to get rates for furnished apartments or to know what is included in a furnished apartment / villa or how to obtain your apartment / villa keys.

Find Anjuna Vacation Rentals on FlipKey
Find Anjuna Vacation Rentals on FlipKey
Find Anjuna Vacation Rentals on FlipKey

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